The Bathroom Solution: Potty Passes!

Today's post is a short and sweet one to let you know that I've finally found a workable solution to the bathroom issue! I hate it when students leave my classroom during class time to visit the bathroom. So many use it as an escape function and it's hard to know when that's the case. Additionally, we never know when they're leaving EVERY class because they have an emergency, right? Another teacher at my school mentioned Potty Passes in August, and my team and I decided to give it a try.

After using Potty Passes for an entire quarter, I can report back to you that they were a HUGE SUCCESS!

Here's what the Potty Passes look like:

Students receive a sheet of five Potty Passes each 9 weeks. They may visit the bathroom by tearing off a pass (I have them clip the horizontal lines and place them in their binders for my class so that they're ready to tear off and use). Once the passes are gone, no more bathroom trips.

NOTE: I would never deny a middle school girl permission to visit the bathroom. Ever. This is a no-brainer. In my two months experience, I haven't had any issues with this. The girls are happy to use the passes when necessary, and if they were out, I would never deny them!

The best part? Unused passes are turned in at the end of the quarter for CANDY! You would be amazed at the sudden bathroom responsibility that developed as a result of the passes. My students saved up all 9 weeks, held it at the end of the day when needed, and all of that for five jolly ranchers. Yup!

You can download this template by clicking below and editing it to suit your needs. It'll download in PowerPoint and the teacher's name and rules are editable.

Potty Pass Template




  1. I like it! This is very similar to my punch card pass, except I offer extra credit instead of candy! It's always nice when you can refer back to a set policy when you have to say no!

  2. Isn't it usually the simple solutions that are the best! I think this would work at any grade level. Love it!
    Crockett's Classroom...Forever in Third Grade

  3. I love this. I've been looking for an easy solution that wouldn't be a lot of work for me to keep up. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This drives me crazy! I only have my kids for 1 1/2 hours for ELA, and I have a ton to accomplish. No time for a 10 minute potty break. I am stealing this idea! Thanks so much!

  5. I love this idea! I would really work with my 6th graders. I teach in french. Anyway I could translate it? Thanks,

  6. I love this but when you edit the rules we can change on when they can last redeem them, but you can't do this on the pass itself. I was wondering if you could make it so we can change that part. I am going to try this with a few of my Elementary students.

  7. I plan to use this, but we have 6 weeks, not 9 weeks, so I would love to be able to edit "last day of the quarter" to say "last day of the six weeks"!

  8. Love this! Thank you for offering the template. I added to the rules: Gone to the bathroom for too long? Ms. Thornton might take an extra potty pass. I'm hoping this will target some of the students who purposefully take too long in the bathroom.

  9. can't seem to edit this. But it is a great idea! Thanks!

  10. For those saying you can't edit it, you must open it in a gmail account:) I love this idea, thank you.

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