Midyear Motivation

It’s the middle of the school year – HOORAY! But wait… it’s ONLY the middle of the school year. That means you still have the other half to go. For many teachers in middle school, the second half of the school year is MUCH longer than the first.

The second half of the year also can bring a lot of fun times – sports, dances, activities, etc. There are a lot of things to look forward to!

But. Right now you’re stuck in the middle. Chances are, it’s cold where you are. The cold means you’ve got a classroom full of kids who are likely stuck inside all day long at home and have a lot of built up energy just SCREAMING to get out. It’ll probably come out in your classroom…. while you’re getting observed… because that’s the way it goes.

So, how do you resist the urge to cry/scream/quit/runaway during the middle of the year?
  • Try to center your lessons on more hands on and engaging activities. Your students will be more interested – and so will you!
  • Hold strong when it comes to your classroom discipline. Keeping your classroom structured will help prevent problems. If you start to slack off – your kids will pick up on it instantly!
  • Don’t take work home. Yep, I said it. If it doesn’t get done at school, don’t take it home. Take some extra time to enjoy your family and hobbies. Your job is your job – it shouldn’t consume your life.
  • Take a trip. Even if it’s just for a weekend – get away! A change of scenery can often do wonders for your mind!
  • Plan ahead. Take some time to plan your lessons well in advance. You’ll feel SO good and much less stressed knowing your lessons are done a few days/weeks in advance.
Leave us a comment and share your best strategies for staying motivated mid year!

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  1. I like your idea of pulling out some favorite hands-on activities at this time of year! It's a good time for simple whole class games too, like I Have . . .Who Has . . , that you can do with a variety of topics.